Water Wise Utah - Saving water creates a ripple effect
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Everybody can do their part to be Water Wise.  The ripple effect begins with our children.  Use these links to help teach them water wise habits right from the start.  Here are some great activities and facts to help kids be water wise for the future.

  • Drinking Water and Ground Water Kids Stuff from the EPA
    The EPA has friendly fun interactive for kids to learn all about water and water conservation

  • Every Last Drop
    Every Last Drop is an interactive website which takes a detailed look at how much water we waste on a daily basis and how small changes can make a big difference.

  • Groundwater
    Educating and motivating people to care for and about groundwater

  • H2Ouse
    Take a tour of a Water Wise house.

  • Matching game on water terms
    Facts about water and the water cycle

  • The Story of Bottled Water
    An 8 minute video that tells the Story of Bottled Water. It discusses 'manufactured demand' and presents some stunning facts about how pervasive our desire to drink from a bottle is.

  • Thirstin's Question and Answer Game
    Interactive Game from the EPA.

  • Utah Water Quality Kids Page
    Water Activities for kids from Utah State University Extension.

  • Water Biomes of the World
    From outer-space, the earth looks like it is covered with veins and arteries, similar to our bodies. The earth's arteries, however, are really a vast web of rivers and streams that channel water across the planet, from mountains to oceans.

  • Water Conservation for Kids
    This page offers 20 ways kids can help save water such as, "Turn the faucet on to get your toothbrush and toothpaste wet, and then again to rinse your mouth and toothbrush. Don't leave the water running while you're brushing." (A Thank you to Mrs. Miller's students at Valley Charter School for recommending this web site.)

  • Water Investigation
    On these pages you will learn about dolphins and water striders, water pollution and water treatment. As an investigator, you can help scientists learn more about insects that walk on water, and why kids like to drink soda pop. You'll discover more about the Earth's water cycle, and we'll show you how to create your own miniature water cycles at home. Then we'll give you some ideas about how to use the mini water cycles to conduct your own investigations!

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