Water Wise Utah - Saving water creates a ripple effect
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Below are excellent resources to enhance any lesson, unit or activity around water and water conservation.  As educators you are essential in creating the ripple effect for Utah to be water wise.


4th - 5th Grade Resources

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  • Elementary Level Water Curricula
    These core-related curricula and activity guides were developed by USU Extension. They cover topics in water quality and the water cycle.

  • Smoothing Out the Rough Spots
    Rock salt is used to model the impacts of water and mechanical action on the erosion of rocks.

  • How Do You Dew?
    The purpose of this activity is to provide students with a hands-on experience of seeing how the processes of condensation and evaporation occur.

  • Melting and Freezing
    After completing this activity students will discover that the weight of ice / water will not change after it undergoes melting or freezing.

  • Surface Area
    Students estimate the surface area of a pond using ratios and chance methods of estimation.

  • The Water Cycle Model
    This classroom demonstration will help students understand the water cycle.

  • Water Cycle Chamber
    Classroom activity helps students understand the water cycle.

  • Water World Story
    Students will write a story about how a drop of water may have traveled to arrive at the school. In addition, they will design a presentation on the water cycle.

  • Where is Water Found?
    This activity helps students understand the distribution of water on Earth.

  • Xeriscaping In Your Community
    Students participate in a service-learning project to design landscaping that maximizes water use and utilizes indigenous plant species.

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