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Below are excellent resources to enhance any lesson, unit or activity around water and water conservation.  As educators you are essential in creating the ripple effect for Utah to be water wise.


6th - 8th Grade Resources

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  • Make Your Own Hydropower
    Make Your Own Hydropower provides students with a hands-on exploration of generating electricity with water power. This is a thematic unit geared toward seventh through ninth grade students.


  • Earth Systems Lesson Plans
    A list of lesson focused on Earth Systems and water.

  • Journey through the Bear River
    A watershed-specific activity guide for grades 6-12. The material in this activity guide will help foster a deeper understanding of the watershed, its physical properties, who lives in it, and how human activities affect different components of the watershed. Part 1 contains introductory material. Part 2 includes a description of the components of a watershed, an overview of the Bear River watershed, a more detailed narrative describing the Bear River from its headwaters to its outlet, and a discussion of several water resource management issues in the watershed. art 3 includes four activities for grades 6-12, which are designed to help educators teach students about the Bear River Watershed.

  • A Matter of State (ScienceNetLinks)
    This lesson will help students understand that particle movement changes as a substance changes from one phase to another phase.

  • Models of the Water Cycle (ScienceNetLinks)
    Students will develop an understanding of the water cycle by building and evaluating two different physical models.

  • Oceans (ScienceNetLinks)
    This lesson will help students obtain a better perception of earth's oceans and to understand earth's water cycle.

  • There Is Something in the Water
    In this lesson students will learn about this monumental issue facing the United States while viewing it from an economic perspective.

  • Down the Drain
    This Internet-based collaborative project will allow students to share information about water usage with other students from around the country and the world.

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