Water Wise Utah - Saving water creates a ripple effect
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Below are excellent resources to enhance any lesson, unit or activity around water and water conservation.  As educators you are essential in creating the ripple effect for Utah to be water wise.

  • EPA Service Learning: Education Beyond the Classroom
    This site describes how students across the country are gaining hands-on awareness of waste reduction, recycling, and composting, through solid waste service-learning projects.

  • Get Wet! Investigate Water!!
    On these pages you will learn about dolphins and water striders, water pollution and water treatment. As an investigator, you can help scientists learn more about insects that walk on water, and why kids like to drink soda pop. You'll discover more about the Earth's water cycle, and we'll show you how to create your own miniature water cycles at home. Then we'll give you some ideas about how to use the mini water cycles to conduct your own investigations.

  • Give Water A Hand and other Service Learning Projects
    With Give Water A Hand, young people team up with educators, natural resource experts and committed community members to study water issues and take action.

  • Groundwater Foundation
    Educating and motivating people to care for and about groundwater.

  • Rivers and Coasts from the BBC
    Homepage for Rivers and Coasts, part of BBC Schools Online Landmarks aimed at geography.

  • Rivers (Enchanted Learning)
    An introduction to Rivers as well as a look at rivers around the world and the US.

  • River of Words
    River of Words has been conducting training workshops for teachers, park naturalists, grassroots groups, state resource agencies, librarians and others since 1995, helping them to incorporate observation-based nature exploration and the arts into their work with young people.

  • Centeral Utah Gardens
    Central Utah Water Conservancy District – Low Water Plant Info.

  • Virtual Pond Dip (Science NetLinks)
    Discover what lives in a drop of pond water by exploring A Virtual Pond Dip.

  • Water Cycle Resources
    Use this list of activities to learn more about the water cycle.

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